Aliyun-iot device SDK only provide Ubuntu16.04 compile manual, but it still support cross compile on windows with MingGW.

Download SDK

Clone aliyun-sdk from aliyun iotkit-embedded.

Create cross-compile environment

Create Dockerfile:

FROM ubuntu:16.04


RUN apt-get update &&\
        apt-get install -y build-essential make git gcc mingw-w64

CMD ["sh"]


import os

os.system('docker build -t aliiotcrosscompile .')


import os

os.system('docker run --rm -it -v {}:/app aliiotcrosscompile sh'.format(os.getcwd()))

Cross compile for ubuntu or windows on any OS with docker

  • Create cross compile image:


  • Run cross compile container:


  • Configuration and compile:

    make reconfig, then tips:

      1) config.ubuntu.x86
      2) config.win7.mingw32

    If you want ubuntu version select 1, for windows select 2.

    After configuration, you can type make disclean, and make to compile.

  • Get output:

    Type exit to quit container shell, output file is under directory output/release/bin.

  • Help:

    • Execute make env in container shell, you can check current compile information.

    • If you want ubuntu version, do not exit container shell, Go to output/release/bin and execute compiled application. Windows version is cross compiled version,you need to copy it to windows machine and run it.


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